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Wide Range of Services For All Students

For All Students


Classes from 1 to 12, including all subjects. Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Science, Commerce, and Home Economics.

O-levels and A-levels

Including all compulsory and elective subjects.

Courses/ Tests

Including all tests such as IELTs, NAT, GMAT, SAT MAT, ECAT, MCAT etc.

Degree/ Classes

Including from 1 till Masters.

Test Preparations for Universities

Including NED, CBM, LUMS, IBA, etc.


Including Agha Khan, Cambridge, Sindh, Punjab, and Federal boards.

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Tutoring programs are available

Our methodology has always emphasized selecting the appropriate tutor and mindset. Our full-time tutors can stimulate concept understanding while improving self-esteem and developing skills for lifetime learning.

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Benefits of Our Services

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For Tutors

Marketing: We put a lot of effort into recruiting students to the platform and matching them with teachers. You can use Study Cluster as a platform to promote your services and connect with students from around the world

Personalized Profiles: Add your educational background, a professional photo, an informative video, and a welcoming profile description to draw in new students. Receiving excellent recommendations from kids you’ve instructed is a way to enhance your reputation

Flexible Pricing: Each tutor sets their pricing, subject to alteration at any time. As for administration fees, we only ask for a one-time percentage of the agreed-upon tuition fees

Loyalty Program: We value the dedication and loyalty of our teachers. Tutors will move up in our search results as they provide more high-quality lessons through Study Cluster and support our students on the forum. They, therefore, have a better possibility of receiving tutoring.

In the twenty-first century, education is evolving quickly and continuously. Let’s face it: students today use technology proficiently in all facets of their lives, particularly in social and academic contexts. The Study Cluster Academy has embraced the fantastic advantages of technology because we recognize the value of interacting with this digital generation of students.

For Students

Time Management:

One of the best skills you can learn from studying is time management, comfortably juggling between work, studies, and family.

Decision Making:

The assignments you prepare involve decision-making, e.g. the choice of words, the argument, and resources.

Overcoming Obstacles:

Each obstacle you overcom ethat studies throw in your way could be a dull subject, a bad grade, or a confusing topic.


Whatever subject you’re studying, if you are analyzing a resource or researching a topic, you’ll automatically develop this skill.

Creativity and Innovation:

You will be able to ask good questions and can solve problems that will help you in the future.


Part-time study is a personal journey as it makes you confident in yourself when you solve issues on your own or learn a new topic.

Become a Tutor

For fresh graduates and students who recently completed their FSC, it is a fantastic opportunity

Teach from Home

You are ready to go if you have a laptop and strong Wi-Fi. You are not required to spend any money.

Gratifying Resources

You will assist in guiding the future of those students who most need it.

Good Income

Earn money without any prior experience.