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We are a team of Highly Skilled Teachers

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Our mission is to assist students in finding qualified at-home tutors who can improve their academic performance.

Online Tutoring


Online courses give you flexibility, convenience, and the ability to fit them around other responsibilities. Are you ready for online learning?

Computer requirements

Access to the internet is necessary for any of our online courses. You should be comfortable using word processing software, downloading files from the internet, and attaching those files to emails. The course overview will mention any additional experience requirements if there are any.

Guidance for students

Throughout the semester, instructors are actively involved with their students, offering advice, direction, and encouragement. Contact us via email or phone. Email, internet chats phone calls, are all options for interaction.

Expected Fess

Based on the degree of schooling. (begins at RS. 4000)

Home Tutoring

Locations Available:

Our home tutors cover most of Karachi, including North Nazimabad, Nazimabad, Gulshan e Iqbal, DHA, and others

Getting to know the student:

This is of utmost importance. The tutor would like to know the following questions:
• The subject • The age/level • The exam board • Areas where the student feels they are struggling • Expectations of tuition.

Explaining the upcoming sessions:

The instructor will provide a thorough presentation outlining the topics they will be concentrating on, some ground rules, and the amount of time spent on each topic.

Home learning/ activities:

The students will need to practice the skills their tutor taught them while they are not present if they are to make significant improvements.

Expected Fess:

Based on the degree of schooling. (begins at RS. 8000)

Our Company

Our purpose is to assist anyone in finding the ideal teacher to help them reach their academic objectives.

Our Mission

Our goal at Study Cluster is to give a lifetime of learning. Every option for learning, in our opinion, offers a chance for significant personal development.

Our Vision

We employ our expertise, experience, and technology to reach more people worldwide than ever before with the greatest learning products

home tuition academy in Karachi
home tuition academy in Karachi

Our Agenda

We believe in helping students who are a little behind in their education. With the help of qualified tutors, we can make a difference in student’s life, and with the help of the student’s income, we can provide tutors.


We feel joy in shaping students’ future who need it the most. Changing individual’s life to make them contribute to Pakistan’s stability, economy, and technology

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For fresh graduates and students who recently completed their FSC, it is a fantastic opportunity

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You will assist in guiding the future of those students who most need it.

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You are ready to go if you have a laptop and strong Wi-Fi. You are not required to spend any money.

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Earn money without any prior experience.


Frenquently Questions

Study Cluster is a wonderful online option for every student and Tutor, who wants improvement in their studies and who wants to make quick cash respectively. Here, our goal is to offer a reliable, personalized online tutoring service that can assist high school and college students on a daily basis.

Teaching is our passion and profession, and we don’t compromise the quality and safety of the students. Every Tutor is interviewed individually at the time of hiring, and we do ask them to submit a copy of their CNIC. And we request the parents and the students to ask for get a copy of their CNIC when they are coming to visit you for the first time.

Our motto is to provide income to the newbies and the experienced ones as well. Our Tutor’s qualification ranges from Intermediate to MA.

Our team carefully interviews each tutor to ensure that they are a strong communicator, understanding, and approachable. They are mentors as well as teachers, and they are deeply knowledgeable about the psychology of students. You can also read the feedback from our previous and current students.

Strict screening criteria: We identify talented subject experts who attend prestigious colleges and receive the highest grades.

  • Personal interviews: We interview each tutor individually because personality and communication skills are highly essential to us.
  • Guaranteed by Study Cluster: We look for the top tutors. You may always sign up for a trial lesson to evaluate your potential tutor’s level of expertise.

As a Tutor and as a student, you will want a computer with a steady internet connection, speakers/audio, and, at the very least, a microphone to finish a Study Cluster session (the one built into your computer is fine). Due to the live video chat nature of Study Cluster meetings, we highly recommend a webcam and headphones.

Go to Study Cluster
  • In the top right corner, select the Sign-Up button.
  • Choose whether you are a tutor or a student.
  • Register with an email address and password or use a social network verification (for students and parents only) Complete the information on your profile.

We are always working towards helping each and every student. Adding more subjects is possible if there is sufficient demand. To contact us, email:support@studycluster.com.pk

You must have an account on Study Cluster. Give us a call or let us know in the chat box which subjects you are interested in and we will link you with the best Tutor.

Yes, we provide, home Tutors, online Tutors, and online Courses as per your comfort and requirement.

Flexible Hours

Get in touch with your tutor according to your schedule, and ask for assistance with any topic.

Budget - Friendly

Not too heavy on the pocket but beneficial for the grades. Receive quality education in affordable bundles.

Trained Tutors

Tutors with excellent qualifications from the top universities across Pakistan are available to assist.