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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our main goal is to provide education, not limited to a classroom only, but even at your home where you feel the most comfortable. We believe that each student has a unique gift of grasping information, our job is to align the best tutor depending on the student’s needs. We make sure to keep you stay focused and devoted and to keep you on track through weekly assignments. We encourage you to track your progress and bring attention to the areas in which you struggle. The tutors assigned to you will guide you through any questions you have.

How it Works?

Give us a call and lay out your details or write us an email detailing which subject tutor would you like us to connect with you


You have to pay the fees in advance to the tutor.
Contact us with the name and contact of the Tutor you would like to hire, we will confirm the availability in our system and check their CNIC.
We provide Tutors on the basis of the subject or course you are interested in, where you live, and availability of time slot.
We don’t charge service charges so be aware if the
Tutor asks for any money.
You cannot dismiss any Tutor without informing us
and our permission.